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[Heavy Duty Adhesive] - Our 9 mil thick versatile multi-use red duct tapes stick to a wide variety of surfaces and irregular shaped objects. With good stretch to fit tightly around bends, corners, and curves.This strong tape is ideal for patching holes, leaks or sealing cracks
[Waterproof and All-Weather] - Our water-proof heavy duty duct tape is built to hold fast and built to last. It’s got a waterproof backing that can handle just about any weather you throw at it--hot or cold, sunshine, rain or even snow.
[No Residue] - Most duct tapes leave behind a sticky mess once removed,but not us.Our strength duct tape feature an all-natural adhesive, so it leaves No Residue upon removal
[Easy To Tear] - Heavy-duty duct tape is very strong adhesive,but you can tear off by hand. Our utility duct tapes are easy to tear by hand both vertically and horizontally without stretching it out of shape or leaving a residue.Easy to use anywhere
[Strength & Flexibility] - Our duct tape is engineered to strike the ideal balance between strength and flexibility. Just right for repairs around nooks, crannies and crevices.

Duct Tape Contractors Red 2" x11Mil (24/cs )

SKU: IDC880010
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